nnovation workshop Tao Ning six advice for entrepreneurs financing how to take the moneyTaobao gues

has a lot of money, and VC and PE are just one part of it. For example, when you start a business or operate it, you have your own funds. If you are short of money and need your family and friends at the beginning or middle stage of the business, we will think he is an angel. Generally speaking, in the face of these angels, you open easier, do not sign a special formal contract, say good to discuss.

Taobao customers insist, even if you have good skills, but if you can’t insist, any skills are meaningless. Remember, I just started the truth, and often will not know what to do, each method uses a period of time, and then immediately change the second methods, so repeated, often without any significance. Each method, each technique, must persist for a period of time before it works. Taobao customers do the same, but also need to continue to adhere to and efforts. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet. read more

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Liu Zhengming Shanghai dragon new learning website optimization experience sharing

may have a lot of people want to know how to learn Shanghai dragon or should start from where to start learning? And for most want to learn Shanghai dragon friends, at the beginning of the Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious, very strange things. Actually speaking, Shanghai Longfeng learning is very simple, but it is also very difficult. Why do you say so? Said, in fact Shanghai dragon to learn technology although not much, but must have a clear mind, can quickly get started; difficult to say, you actually have a lot of patience, perseverance and more time to do stand, sometimes is very boring, but also a certain stick to it. Although there is some very good tutorial, just say a lot of new friends can not start, the links of the process network to introduce the experience of Shanghai Longfeng learning, in fact it is really very simple. read more

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Outstanding Shanghai dragon how to solve the problem of slow snapshot update

4. final site title, keywords and long tail keywords good collocation. The website has not just rely on the title, but also the keywords and long tail keywords as the subtitle >

has many website optimization, have such experience, every time I go to see the website data, but found a snapshot of the site has not changed, for a few days or stay at a very early age, how is this going? Face question website snapshot update slow optimization and many of us believe the site all feel depressed because that day at a loss, own website optimization are steadfast, nor what inappropriate, but why the snapshot will appear this kind of circumstance, as an excellent Er Shanghai dragon how to solve the problem of slow update site snapshot? Here to introduce my website optimization experience for everyone and I believe we should help inspire, inappropriate welcome paizhuan. read more

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Love Shanghai 2 update the chain number Scindapsus algorithm to reduce the analysis

2 update algorithm self Shanghai Scindapsus, attracted many webmaster discussion on this algorithm. The key is how to do outside the chain, the website internal optimization will fully replace the chain, the chain is soft, still insist on doing it. When the webmaster to discuss the Shanghai fight that love be in full swing, the promotion of the soft news to publish the source site, not to regard it as right believe like our small and medium sites are not affected.

two and

is very important section of the Forum read more

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Keywords web site three days quickly rushed home

below to give you a map to see the

original source: www.md777贵族宝贝 

want to talk about today is the personal growth of experience with the Shanghai dragon optimization experience. Do a keyword optimization is a very tedious work, the most important thing is to have no patience for ordinary people. The webmaster all know this, Ma once said in the most difficult time to adhere to the one step and there is hope, but step back there will be no hope so guizaijianchi. I contact Shanghai dragon to optimize the time is also not long, our industry competition than the effect of large keywords. At first I chose PPC, but the high cost of real click crapulous. Study of Shanghai dragon decided all self, it must do the preparatory work started. Is not the basis for three days to enter the home page that is unlikely. The first thing to do is the website chain exchange, friends of the chain will need to industry. Do you Links the first look at the other site how, for example: "love Shanghai as soon as possible how snapshot update, snapshot update. Look at the web site of the weight, the weight is good but not the same people exchange with you. I started around the wall when changing the link, because no new weight. In consultation with each other, it can be found with you a little higher or equivalent. My site friendship link weights are also good, love Shanghai every day is the latest snapshot. This is very useful for our new station, down is updated not updated every day but the content must be original. The two after doing to give your site to find the high quality of the chain, the chain is the second best. You can go to Shanghai, know, love, and some 100 test library, A5 forum. read more

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n the end of the site how to do the best chain

2: the chain of nature, can induce the visitors click on nature.

the best effect? Shanghai dragon

3, improve the site traffic entrance, make website advertising. The chain is also available from our site advertising, such as the road of life in common advertising, television advertising, bus advertising, multi-faceted advertising, can let more visitors know our site is a good method to enhance the online brand.

1: Institute of mining chain resources. Outside the chain of resources and not say there are, we need to dig and accumulation. Find some and the site itself correlation is high and there is a certain weight can link the site. We can use the analysis of our competitor’s site is more simple to get outside the chain of resources, can go to some weight high site can buy the chain’s ID account and so on. We dig into the chain resources to know more after the filing, statistics and account protection. Don’t forget to appear a few days later because the account password or the password is too simple and stolen mistakes. At the same time, we also can cultivate their own resources, such as blogs, we can support some high weight site, or set up their own special > on some platforms read more

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Live in Shanghai love under the shadow of the grassroots webmaster

The enterprise

, live in love in Shanghai under the shadow of the webmaster

this is love Shanghai fine-tuning, a very common enterprise the author hands station as an example, figure, this site is included in the chain yixieqianli. Although not like some webmaster QQ group said the chain fell as tens of thousands of tens of thousands bluffing, but included off 2, but at that time so I gasped. Investigate its reason, is the search engine love Shanghai share a single large, love Shanghai most main source of site traffic. read more

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The site continued to be the next snapshot and love Shanghai fast included

do a few years of sales, also let their accumulated extensive contacts, but also have a number of fixed customer base, which is the foundation of success in life is good. In the high quality of construction site on the road, thinking more professional services to our customers, thinking Facts speak louder than words. truth, forcing yourself to know more about the technical level, and personally manage company website maintenance and promotion optimization work, the future promotion and construction of the customer site will also have a personal experience and valuable experience. read more

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The July SP code unified message may strengthen industry regulationWitkey development is the kingly

      throughout the domestic Witkey industry website, in the integrity of this piece of doing a good site is nothing more than a few. K68, mission, China, Witkey, Pakistan, pigs, china. As for K68, always be respected by the people, the early start, do website, won a lot of Witkey identity, it is used to practise fraud have occurred, however, its credibility is very high, trustworthy. The task China, very rapid development momentum, the current has also received a large limelight, can be said to be rich. It also attaches great importance to the integrity of the power, cheating on the event can be said to be quite severe, but if you want to say that, if the site does not cheat the event, you need to fight so hard to fight it? Oh, can not, but no matter how, the task Chinese integrity is also the. Here we have to mention a bit of Witkey, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, compared to several other sites later, but its emphasis on integrity is more than people imagine. According to news reports, the website is the first national Ministry of public security and cooperation through the use of identity website for publishing tasks and receiving tasks through identity verification through Witkey, thus eliminating the "vest". Here, on behalf of the grassroots, I salute the Witkey who is so devoted to honesty. read more

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Rookie talking about advertising Union for picture stationDon’t over detail

because of a picture station, and don’t know profit model, sell and sell, so took some time to see other pictures on the station advertising, learning, and now share with you. League rankings are not in order, first impressions are first impressions.

friends: the same advertising advertising coins almost, the code of temptation, the price can be attractive, click.

horse: estimation is the most BS way to make money, but at the end, no way, only in this way.

3. download alliance. Skype uusee, these two downloads are the most used picture station, the main use: to do a beauty temptation page, you need to download things to watch video. Insert the actual download address but this seems to be only Skype, uusee download need to enter the uusee page, let others download, to achieve the purpose of making money. read more

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