Website ranking optimization the original search engine love ML label

< stressed the key words;Correct use of htML Tags:

in the past, I have seen many sites, and studied their web page htML tags, generally follows some of the most common effect is also very good.

1, Title key words: we all know that in website Title Title keywords is the most important, but in the label Title label is the most important, so that a good title can be very simple and effective expression of.


quoted content:
< title> /title> Web page title <
< meta name=" keywords" content=" />
< meta name=" description" content="
< h1> < /h1> < page theme;; h2> the theme of < /h2> < h3> /h3> <
< www…… src=" xxx.jpg" alt=" > KeyWorks "
< a href=" /& quot; title=" " > link link; < /a>
< strong> keywords stressed < /strong>
< u> /u> keywords emphasize < < em> /em> read more

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The novice webmaster have the order reversed construction mentality

yes, in Shanghai alone big today, we have too much traffic to rely on love to our Shanghai delivery, otherwise the product click rate will drop several grades, but since 6.28, 7.18 two large-scale update events, I think a lot of friends in mind should wake up, though Shanghai dragon is the fundamental we do website ranking, but the excessive dependence on the love of Shanghai will make the development process of our site is full of uncertainty, which in case of love Shanghai love us, we have the K It is without rhyme or reason. website, then how to do this? Don’t say such things won’t happen to me, these two times how many large-scale K station event site lying in the gun, so much love in Shanghai ranking is a Dutch act behavior. Another interpretation in fact we have been pursuing the Shanghai dragon ranking is the visibility and brand, because only the top will have more users to know us, we all favor, this is the brand effect. read more

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Discussion on the construction of the chain to the Webmaster now what it means


chain means that users really recommend

The The In order to improve the healthy development of Internet

search engine through the website of the high quality of the chain, then give the site corresponding weights, the weights of the high site, can obtain the corresponding ranking. Many novice webmaster think strong chain is the biggest security website ranking. Indeed, in theory, the powerful web site outside the chain can bring to the site to bring good rankings. But often find a competitor’s site, the chain number is not a lot of time, the site’s ranking is very good and very stable, therefore, the quality of the website chain is much higher than the number, a high quality of the chain than dozens of hundreds of garbage outside the chain. read more

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360 search traffic data after thinking about the dispute

false advertising

for Zhou Hongyi’s consistent style, with the Tencent or in competition with millet, he is very high in the world! But, in Millet micro-blog war, can quickly collect data, hired gunmen "Qin lady" to reveal the inside story, the specific data is not listed, that is that he is. The first network public relations expert. On the search engines have the most potential value, is millions of grassroots webmaster, consider well-known bloggers to micro-blog, the speculation is a very normal thing. read more

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Love Shanghai love Shanghai self digestive engine home products


360 engine love Shanghai war seemingly calm, but we can perceive the Shanghai dragon, we are the biggest victims, I again bitter stationmaster innocence, love the 360 Shanghai engine wars, let us hard to force the owners suffered unrighted wrong and the current phenomenon! Is the major cause of search is standing in the front the some guns, some see the enemy situation, some ready to attack, this is undoubtedly so that we don’t know which one is our God, so we should.

quietly launched a comprehensive search business, in promoting the 360 browser, web site navigation and other products, 360 comprehensive search traffic share quickly climbed to about 20%; meanwhile, 360 search results still intends to reduce the weight of love Shanghai related services, and had only slight response to love Shanghai. The response to the pain of our bitter stationmaster, love Shanghai in their engine is greatly increased by the weight of love Shanghai products, 10 in the home for love, Shanghai will occupy several, so let us love Shanghai bitter white head many owners decide on what path to follow? I do not know how to organize, literary talent is not good. Say more words is a waste of breath, we look at the chart all will understand! We look at this picture from Shanghai love search engine case diagram: (round up the red box is love Shanghai). read more

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Negative information should follow the two three principle

when there is a bad for the company information, many people love each other even publicity, released to the company group, this will cause to click on the company’s employees, even eager to process information, will continue to others for help, so a propaganda let this information become "popular posts", through the A large number of clicks, perhaps second days ranking to the first. Has a great effect on the image of the company. So when the company staff found negative information, the best all the company’s employees, so that they have to keep calm, do not click not propaganda, then the next step. read more

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From the battle on Wanglaoji trademark website brand value

refers to the form of all the more commonly used method, forum, blog, question and answer form, lay a foundation in the early stages is very effective, with the Shanghai dragon allows the site to accumulate more users, to promote the role for the construction of the brand.

2, the website inside "remind"

1, the one and only

site is a brand, it is the most valuable keyword, keyword is the most worthy of promotion! The taobao贵族宝贝 landing 贵族宝贝jyxxjc贵族宝贝 small original, > read more

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Analysis of Shanghai dragon independent blog daqo weight and ranking

Here I feel very

on the site just on the line, I basically do not have what the chain, because it is more than a dozen sites in hand to bring about independent blog daqo, because we now know that the loose navigation in the name of the first is loose, because there are more than a few days before him, later he came up again, explain the weight or as his.

third: website

second: keyword selection and description of


because the Shanghai dragon blog before the on-line Encyclopedia of the domain name is independent of the blog, later want to get up and do a navigation station to facilitate your attention counterparts, so I began to prepare the site in February 14th, finally started on the line. read more

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Do website ranking keyword selection to dominate

for any industry, we need to choose keywords, not greedy to want to put all the words are selected. I always believe that greed is the most powerful poison, first you may be very sensual, but the pain broke out at a critical time. Target words of a web site, we generally recommend is 3-5, for other words we can either choose as auxiliary words, or become the best long tail keywords, although it said, but definitely still want to target keywords. Do not covet a website can do dozens of.

many people think Shanghai Longfeng do network promotion can have a great effect, of course, it is undeniable, but Shanghai, if not done well is likely to reduce the effect of the promotion, so we need to do every step when doing optimization, I think the key step of enterprise website that is the first step: the selection and analysis of accurate target keywords. To do this step, we can bring more potential customers. Is the target keywords through the analysis to determine the site "flagship" keywords, usually these keywords is the site of the products and services of the target customers may be used to search keywords. In addition, we do need to optimize enterprise website is that these customers can search the competition but compared to the relatively large keywords, which is absolutely necessary to spend some effort to complete, so do the reasonable selection is the first step of our success. read more

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Analysis on the influence of the site outside the chain quality three core factors


we do outside of the chain is the main reason for others to vote for himself in the network, the effect of the vote reflected from two aspects, one is the number, a number of authoritative website to vote, often an authority website vote to decide the whole vote! High weight website is equivalent to the authority the characters on the head piece, and low weight site quality is equivalent to the ordinary people to vote, even if the number of votes more often to veto authority figures, applied to the site to give priority to the construction of the chain in high weight site! What is the high weight of the site, which it involves determining the weights of the website knowledge, this raises a primer, the weights of the website mainly from the PR value judgment, judging from the other love Shanghai snapshot update time! Usually the higher the PR value, website weight More love Shanghai update time snapshot within a week, the weight is also a good read more

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