The name’s Bond … retention bond

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When it rains, it pours

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BBC returns to Denmark

first_img“Global wind power saw an unprecedented growth recently, for the first time crossing 60 GW in new capacity installments in 2015. Consequently shipping volumes for the sector have increased significantly over the last two years”, observed Svend Andersen, chief executive officer of BBC Chartering. “It’s imperative for us to support the industry in Denmark, which is a core market and home to decision makers supplying wind power components globally.”As the carrier’s 33rd location, BBC Chartering in Esbjerg will directly cooperate with BBC Chartering in Bremen, Germany which also focuses on wind power customers. Both entities are steered from the company’s European operating hub and global headquarter in Leer, Germany.Mads Poulsen (pictured below), who transferred from BBC Chartering Singapore, was appointed as regional sales & chartering manager for the Esbjerg office. He joined BBC Chartering in November 2013, and has previously worked for Siemens Wind Power.BBC Moonstone loaded with wind turbine read more


first_img Bayat established that, as service out of the jurisdiction without the consent of the state in which service was to be effected was an interference with the sovereignty of that state, service by an alternative method under CPR 6.15 should be regarded as exceptional, to be permitted in special circumstances only. While the fact that proceedings served by an alternative method would come to the attention of a defendant more speedily was a relevant consideration when deciding whether to make an order under CPR 6.15, it was in general not a sufficient reason for an order for service by an alternative method. Bitumex (HK) Company Ltd v IRPC Public Company Ltd: Queen’s Bench Division, Commercial Court (Judge Mackie QC): 2 May 2012 Claim form – Service – Service out of the jurisdiction Abela further provided that it would usually be inappropriate to validate retrospectively a form of service which was not authorised by an order of an English judge when it was effected and was not good service by local law. It followed that a claimant who wished retrospective validation of a method of service in a foreign country should (save perhaps where there were adequate safeguards) show that the method of service which was to be retrospectively validated was good service by the local law (see [13], [14] of the judgment). The instant was not a case where the English court was presuming to try a dispute itself, which, on the defendant’s case, had not been served to the standards required by local law for a trial in Thailand. The court was not being asked to try a dispute at all. It was being asked to assist the progress of an international arbitration in London, the method chosen by the parties for resolving their contractual disputes. Under section 1(a) of the 1996 act the parties were committed to fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal without unnecessary delay or expense. The defendant had, in breach of section 16 of the 1996 act, failed to join in the appointment of an arbitrator and the court was asked to appoint one so that the arbitration might proceed. The defendant was fully aware of the existence of the arbitration and the specific service steps had been taken to reinforce the information already in its possession. The defendant was relying on formalities relating to the appointment of an arbitrator by the court which did not apply to the initiation of the arbitration process itself. The defendant was knowingly causing unnecessary delay and expense in the arbitration process. The defendant’s submissions that the fact that the instant case was an arbitration case did not take it out of the norm would be rejected. The considerations seemed to be facts relating to the proceedings which were crucial. They were facts which made the case exceptional in the sense explained in Bayat. They were considerations beyond the mere advantage of obtaining a speedier process than compliance with the local process would produce (see [22], [23] of the judgment). Retrospective service as permitted by CPR 6.15 but subject to conditions would be ordered. Cecil v Bayat [2011] All ER (D) 213 (Feb) applied; Abela v Baadarani [2011] All ER (D) 171 (Dec) applied.center_img Timothy Wormington (instructed by Nick Howe Solicitor) for the claimant; James Hatt (instructed by Watson Farley & Williams LLP) for the defendant. The parties entered into contracts containing London arbitration clauses. A dispute arose and the claimant gave notice of arbitration. The defendant declined to agree to the appointment of an arbitrator. The claimant issued the arbitration claim form with the court’s permission. A complete copy of the arbitration claim and all other documents were sent by registered mail to the defendant’s registered office in Thailand. An employee of the defendant acknowledged receipt of the documents on behalf of the defendant’s managing director. The receipt of the documents was confirmed by the defendant’s lawyer. The documents were also hand delivered to the registered office. They were received by the defendant’s senior executive vice-president and its legal department. The claimant sought the appointment of an arbitrator by the court. The defendant challenged the court’s jurisdiction on the ground that the arbitration claim form was not served on it in Thailand by a method permitted by the laws of Thailand under Civil Procedure Rule (CPR) 6.40(3)(c). The claimant sought a retrospective order under CPR 6.15 permitting service by the means that had been employed. The defendant submitted that the arbitration context did not make the case exceptional and did not take it outside the normal course. It fell to be determined whether the court should make a retrospective order for alternative service. The court considered Cecil v Bayat [2011] All ER (D) 213 (Feb) (Bayat) and Abela v Baadarani [2011] All ER (D) 171 (Dec) (Abela) and the Arbitration Act 1996 (the 1996 act). The application would be granted.last_img read more

Caribbean Legislators Condemn Attacks on Immigrant Communities

first_imgYvette Clarke NEW YORK, CMC – Two Caribbean American legislators have strongly condemned United States President Donald J. Trump’s attacks on Caribbean and other immigrant communities ahead of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency’s planned sweep on Sunday.Trump said on Friday that ICE will conduct the nationwide raids to arrest and deport undocumented Caribbean and other migrants.Tired of onslaught on immigrantsBut Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, and New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, the son of Grenadian immigrants, told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that they were “disgusted” by Trump’s ongoing onslaught on immigrants.“I am disgusted that Donald Trump has issued ICE raids across 10 of our nation’s largest cities, including New York City, to begin on Sunday,” said Clarke, who represents the largely Caribbean 9th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York.Bigoted Strategy“These ICE raids are nothing more than a bigoted strategy that terrorizes more than 2,000 immigrants and will cause the separation of even more families.  Trump’s immigration policies are inhumane and reflect the darkest parts of our history,” she added. This must come to an end.“I vow to remain a leader in Congress who is working to protect our beloved immigrant community while resisting Donald Trump. And I encourage immigrants within New York’s 9th Congressional District to contact my office to understand their rights,” Clarke said.Williams, who has held a series of events to distribute “Know Your Right” literature at sites across New York City, in anticipation of potential raids, noted that “Trump wants to dismantle immigrant communities in this country one way or another.“Whether by defying the Constitution in his failed attempts to target non-citizens with the census, or defying basic humanity by targeting individuals and families with ICE raids, he is determined to discount, deport and disappear immigrants across the country,” he told CMC.“As his administration continues its assault on immigrant communities with planned ICE raids in the coming days, those of us with power, with privilege, with a voice, need to stand up for those being attacked.“To all immigrants in our city who are under threat, you have allies and advocates who are with you. We won’t be discounted. We won’t disappear. We will keep fighting for you,” Williams said.The raids, which were initially scheduled for June, were jettisoned until Sunday.Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday that there was “nothing to be secret about” Sunday’s sweep, describing it as “a major operation.”“It starts on Sunday, and they’re (ICE agents) going to take people out, and they’re going to bring them back to their countries, or they’re going to take criminals out, put them in prison, or put them in prison in the countries they came from,” Trump added.Culture of fear and division New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio – a Democratic presidential candidate, whose wife, Chirlane McCray, traces her roots to Barbados and St. Lucia – said that Trump’s tactics is purely designed to “create a culture of fear and division.“I think it’s a political act to convince a lot of people in America that immigrants are the problem.. You know, I said this at the first Democratic debate – the immigrants did not create people’s economic suffering. The folks who are middle-class, working-class American citizens who feel like the American dream has passed them by – the immigrants didn’t do that to them, the folks working in the fields, the folks working in the kitchens didn’t do that to them.“The big corporations, the powers that be did that to them – had the power to determine the economy – that’s who did it to them. But the president is very clever. Well, let’s be clear – he’s not taking 11 million people out of the United States of America or the economy will collapse. So, this is about fear again,” the Mayor said.New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said: “This shameful assault on families across the country will no doubt lead to further separations of children from their parents and ‘collateral arrests’ by ICE, where individuals with no orders of deportation will be detained.”“This politically motivated directive is despicable and inhumane, and New York will fight it,” Cuomo said in a statement.last_img read more

Silage could salvage value for drought-damaged crop

first_imgFarmers with drought-damaged cornfields could consider harvesting the crop for livestock feed to salvage some of its value and to help livestock producers supplement short forage supplies, says a Purdue Extension forage specialist.Damaged corn can be harvested as either whole-plant silage or green chop but, either way, growers and livestock producers need to be aware of how it can affect feed quality and animal health.advertisementadvertisement “Feeding value of drought-stressed corn is influenced by several factors but in general is higher than expected,”Keith Johnsonsaid. “Most studies indicate feed value of drought-stressed corn to be 80 to 100 percent that of normal silage.”Purdue University studies showed little or no difference in feedlot gain or milk production when beef and dairy cattle were fed normal or stressed corn silage. But, as a rule, Johnson said drought-stressed corn will have slightly more fiber and less energy, but 1-2 percent more protein than normal silage.One of the most influential factors is moisture content at harvest.”Ideally, the crop should contain 60 to 70 percent moisture at harvest,” Johnson said. “For upright silos, to avoid seepage, growers should harvest at 60-65 percent, whereas for bunker silos, harvesting at 65 to 70 percent moisture will result in better packing and storage qualities.”He said producers often tend to harvest the damaged crop too soon, meaning silage has too much moisture, which can result in poor fermentation and ultimately lower feed value.advertisementStalks of plants with brown leaves and stalks with small ears or little grain content will be higher in moisture.”A quick way to determine if the plant contains too much moisture is to hand-squeeze a representative sample collected from the forage chopper,” Johnson said. “If water drips from the squeezed sample, the corn is too wet for ideal fermentation.”Livestock producers using drought-damaged corn for silage need to make sure they have the feed tested for nitrate. Nitrate levels can be higher in drought-damaged corn. While the potential for nitrate toxicity after fermentation is reduced, Johnson said it’s still a good idea to have the feed analyzed.Producers with short pasture and stored feed supplies might also consider harvesting drought-damaged corn as green chop.”There are two major concerns with this practice,” Johnson said. “One is the potential for nitrate toxicity and the second is the potential to founder animals.”Animals with founder, or laminitis, have an inflammation of the soft tissue around the hoof bone that can cause permanent damage to the foot.He offered a series of steps to help avoid these problems:advertisementRaise the cutter bar to 12 inches the first few days of chopping.Gradually introduce animals to green chop.Use other feeds that are low in nitrate as part of the ration.Feed green chop in small quantities throughout the day, rather than large quantities once per day.Don’t allow green-chop forage to set on a wagon overnight.Feed two to three pounds of grain with high nitrate feeds.Take extra precautions during the first two to three days following rain because nitrate levels tend to increase during this period.”As plants mature, nitrate levels decline, so animals become acclimated and the chances for toxicity decrease over time,” Johnson said.Corn growers looking to sell drought-damaged corn for silage, and livestock producers looking to purchase it, need to understand how to properly price the crop.The value of the corn as silage can be determined by using either a free Purdue Extension Publication PDF or a free Purdue Extension Publication Excel spreadsheet.Because yield varies widely based on moisture content, Johnson said moisture content will greatly affect pricing.More information is available in Johnson’s Web-based publication, “Drought-Damaged Corn as Livestock Feed.”Before growers make any decisions about what to do with drought-damaged corn, Johnson said it is imperative that they check with crop insurance agents so the crop can be appraised for damage prior to harvest.He also noted that herbicides and insecticides applied to the corn crop throughout the season have feeding restrictions. Growers need to pay close attention to herbicide and insecticide labels and be in touch with chemical suppliers to make sure the crop is harvested and fed safely. PD—From Ag Answerslast_img read more

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Concept “Electric Boxer”

first_imgBMW Motorrad Vision DC Concept is BMW’s electric bike concept. There are also other styling elements of current BMWs. It mimics the current Boxer’s cylinders. Yes, BMW Motorrad makes inline-Four engine models without having the cylinders jutting out into the air stream these days. But their true identity remains the Boxer engine, as much as their blue propeller badge. Check out this BMW Motorrad Vision DC Concept.But then there’s not horizontally-opposed electric motor. So, what do you do to maintain that Boxer identity? Create an illusion, of course.BMW says that the “heads” direct air into the battery pack’s cells to assist cooling. Yes, battery packs do need cooling, hence most electric bikes being liquid-cooled.But the truth is BMW Motorrad wants to keep its Boxer identity, just like its sacrilege for Harley-Davidson to stop producing 45o Big V-Twins. We don’t know how BMW fans will receive it, but as internal combustion engines are phased out over the years, this design will probably take hold for future generations.Think of the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Concept as the modern-retro electric bike of the future and you’re probably there.Anyhow, the “Boxer” isn’t the only styling element that identifies the bike as a BMW. Check out the single-sided swingarm, the Hossack-style girder “forks,” the transmission box-like battery pack and motor casing. –Ads–last_img read more

Diamankan Karena Berteriak ‘Bom,’ Pria Ini Ternyata Mabuk,Tipu Banyak Pengunjung, Stiker Colokan Listrik di Bandara Bikin Orang Meradang!

first_imgAmar diketahui meneriakkan kata bom saat menunggu di antrean gerbang keberangkatan. Bahkan dia mengatakan di dalam tas tangannya ada bahan peledak juga. Ini membuat penumpang lainnya panik dan seorang awak maskapai mencoba menenangkannya.“Pria itu meneriakkan kata‘ bom ’dan dia memiliki bom di bagasi tangannya dan bahwa dia akan menabrakkan pesawat. Mengenai hal ini, seorang staf maskapai penerbangan wanita yang hadir di sana, mencoba menenangkannya tetapi dia bertingkah laku dengan dia dan menggunakan kata-kata kasar,” ujar seorang perwira senior CISF.Saat dicoba untuk ditenangkan, Amar bahkan menanggapi awak pesawat tersebut dengan melakukan hal buruk dan mengucapkan kata-kata kasar. Setelah diamankan, petugas kepolisian menemukan Amar ternyataa dalam keadaan mabuk. Bahkan hasil pemeriksaan medis pun menegaskan hal yang sama.Tak hanya itu, setelah diamankan dan digeledah ternyata tidaak ada barang apapun yang mencurigakan dari dirinya maupun tas miliknya. Amar di tahan dan tidak diizinkan ikut dalam penerbangan serta kepolisian di bandara disiagakan.Baca juga: Akibat Ancaman Bom Palsu, Pesawat Scoot Dikuntit F-15SG dan Tunda Penerbangan Ke Thailand“Kami memindai pendahulunya dan menemukan bahwa dia adalah seorang pengusaha. Catatan masa lalunya juga diperiksa. Pemeriksaan medis menegaskan bahwa dia mabuk. Dia dipesan di bawah Bagian 505b KUHP India untuk menciptakan gangguan dan kepanikan dan diproduksi di pengadilan 505b. Tindakan lebih lanjut sedang diambil,” kata Wakil komisaris polisi (IGIA), Sanjay Bhatia.Bandara Delhi berada di siaga tinggi berikut masukan dari kemungkinan serangan teror karena mendekati Hari Kemerdekaan. Tim tanggap cepat tambahan telah dikerahkan dan pasukan anti-teror Kepolisian Delhi juga siaga tinggi. (Deccan Chronicle) Lantaran mengatakan bom, seorang pengusaha yang menjual barang elektronik terpaksa di amankan oleh pihak Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) pada Kamis (14/8/2018). Insiden tersebut terjadi di Bandara Internasional Indira Gandhi, Delhi.Baca juga: “Kempa,” Robot Humanoid Khas India Hadir di Bandara BengaluruDilansir dari laman (14/8/2018), pria tersebut diketahui bernama Amar Chaudhary yang akan menaiki pesawat Air India dari Delhi menuju Mumbai. Kejadian itu sekitar pukul 10.30 malam waktu setempat saat tim respon cepat CISF dipanggil ke gerbang 12 di Terminal 1D. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedMabuk Berat! Pria Muda Kencingi Penumpang Lain dalam Penerbangan ke Jepang30/08/2018In “Bandara”Gara-Gara Takut Tertinggal Kereta, Pria Ini Laporkan Adanya Bom11/07/2018In “Darat”Bawa Replika Bom, Pria Israel Diamankan di Bandara Newark04/10/2018In “Bandara”last_img read more

West Florida Baseball Moves Up Again, Now Ranked No. 2

first_img Share Taye Larry and the UWF lineup is hitting .363 as a team (Photo by John Blackie) PENSACOLA, Fla. – The West Florida baseball team, fresh off a dominant three-game sweep over Florida Southern, has moved up to No. 2 in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper national poll and to No. 3 in the College Baseball Lineup national rankings.  Georgia College edged UWF to take home the top spot in the CBN poll, while Central Missouri holds the top spot according to CBL.Georgia College (13-2) moved up to the top spot and garnered 476 points in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, barely edging West Florida (13-1) with 470 points.  UC San Diego (12-4), previously ranked No. 1, moved down to No. 3 and is tied with UNC Pembroke (14-1).  No. 6 Tampa and No. 11 North Alabama are the next highest ranked teams from the South Region, while No. 24 Florida Southern and No. 29 Southern Arkansas each took a fall in this week’s poll.The Argonauts’ success is thanks to a tremendous performance by its pitching staff through the season’s first month.  UWF holds a team ERA of 1.85, and Argonaut pitchers have struck out 109 batters in 112 innings.  Much of that success has come from the starting pitchers, as the rotation of seniors Jason Postill (Orlando, Fla./Tallahassee CC) and Daniel Vargas-Vila (Jacksonville, Fla./Wallace State CC-Dothan), junior Ben Hawkins (Rome, Ga./Wallace State CC-Hanceville) and freshman Kevin Peters (Orlando, Fla./Edgewater HS) have allowed a combined ERA of 1.26.The lineup has performed as well, as the Argos are averaging nearly eight runs per game and hitting .363 as a team.  Senior right fielder Greg Pron (Daphne, Ala./Daphne HS) is leading the team with a .478 batting average, and he has tallied nine doubles, one triple and 14 RBIs.  Five other regular starters are hitting at least .375, and the team has also stolen 27 bases in 35 attempts on the season.West Florida will head to the road this week, first facing No. 11 North Georgia in a midweek two-game series on Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2.  The Argos will then open Gulf South Conference play at defending conference champion Valdosta State with a doubleheader on Saturday, March 5.  Fans can listen to all the action live at BASEBALL NEWSPAPER NATIONAL POLL: (2/28) COLLEGE BASEBALL LINEUP NATIONAL POLL: (2/27)Print Friendly Versioncenter_img West Florida Baseball Moves Up Again, Now Ranked No. 2last_img read more

UNLV honors former coach Tarkanian with pregame tribute

first_imgLAS VEGAS (AP) — UNLV honored the late Jerry Tarkanian with a pregame tribute and video Wednesday night that included scenes from the Runnin’ Rebels’ national championship in 1990.Members of the Tarkanian family and several former players attended the event at the Thomas and Mack Center in honor of the former Rebels coach, who died last week at age 84.The university brought out a chair from the 1990 Final Four and placed a folded towel on it, just as it would have been left for Tarkanian, who continually chewed on a damp towel during games. The chair remained on the sideline and unoccupied during UNLV’s Mountain West Conference game against Boise State.“It was a very nice ceremony,” season-ticket holder Gene Porter said. “Getting the Final Four chair from Denver and putting it out there was as classy a move as I’ve seen in a long time.”Before the game, fans were given commemorative white towels with the word “TARK” printed on them inside of a black circle with a shark fin in place of the “A”. Tarkanian was popularly known as “Tark the Shark” and the arena was known as the “Shark Tank.”The five-minute tribute included references to Tarkanian’s prolonged legal battles with the NCAA. It also showed his induction ceremony into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013.After the game, most lights along the famed Las Vegas Strip and other local properties went dark for three minutes.last_img read more